Terms and Conditions

Read our terms and conditions thoroughly before acquiring our services. If you land on our website, it means you confirm our terms.

Definition and Interpretation

In our content, we are using some words with initial capital letters. All these words have some great definitions. These words tell you about our rights and important things including in our services and terms and conditions also.


All our terms and conditions apply to you whenever you use our website. If your age is less than 18 you are not legally eligible to use OzcleaningPerth services. Same is the case with those who disagree with our terms. If you are using our services or landing on our page, it means you agree with our terms and conditions.

Booking System

Book our services via email or call. In return, we provide the booking confirmation with a payment slip. After this whole process, you can receive our services easily. While booking services, we ask for your location, personal details, or other things to escape fraud.


You can pay us through a bank or we also provide a cash on delivery option. Try to pay us on time to avoid any problems. Our prices are fixed and we charge you based on the size of your area or location.

Prices and Estimates

The prices can change based on your requirements. We do not make any changes in the price after providing services, you have to pay only what is decided. If you try to make any change in the price after acquiring services, we may take strict action against you.

Changes and Cancellations

If you want to cancel the bookings, you can contact us before the time. If you cancel four, three, or two days before service day, we deduct some amount from the money before returning you. Do not cancel the booking on the day of service, we will not refund you.